The Story behind our Name

Aver esos ojos tan coquetos”, my madre would say to me. (Translation: “Let’s see those flirty eyes.”) I have batted these big, brown eyes since 1990. I’ve been called “Coqueta” all my life.

I am deeply rooted between the streets of Boyle Heights and South Central. As a little girl, I use to spend my weekends at a restaurant where my tia-madrina worked, located right across the Mariachi Plaza. I remember the Mariachi bands would walk to hang out and enjoy a hot plate of menudo. I was fascinated with their traditional attire and musical talent––so much that I called some of them my novios. I would run out to play pretend “house” at the plaza and let their music be the soundtrack to my impromptu novelas.

​The owner of the restaurant, Doña Mercedes, loved having me over! She would give me “busy work” to keep me out of the kitchen–– greeting guests, placing forks, spoons, napkins. etc. One day Doña Mercedes told me she had a surprise for me and handed me a paper bag. I opened the bag and it was full of silver and gold jewelry. Like most Latino babies, I was given my first gold bracelet before I learned to hold my own bottle. However, it wasn’t until this little surprise that I really fell in love with jewelry. As much as I wanted to wear make-up as a kid and pre-teen, I wasn’t allowed to, so I turned to jewelry to fulfill my needs to express myself through accessorizing. So all throughout middle school and high school, I rocked hoops and drop earrings daily. I would feel “naked” if I ever left my house without my earrings. So here I am 22 years after the brown bag surprise­­––finally letting go of fears, doing what I love and embracing the dreams inspired by my upbringing.

I bring you Coqueta, rooted in this beautiful city of Boyle Heights. Every piece is uniquely chosen to bring out the Confident, Empowered, Coqueta in you. Let's grow together.