Sisters in Solidarity: Empowering Each Other

Sunday’s Menu 🎀✨

Sunday’s Menu 🎀✨

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Jewelry is More than Just Accessories

Wear It Proudly

Jewelry serves as a form of self-expression, allowing us to adorn ourselves with symbols of beauty, strength and empowerment. Whether it's a delicate Necklace that catches the light just right or a pair of earrings that frame the face-jewelry has a transformative power that goes beyond just accessories.

Angie-the beautiful @margaritaswithangie wearing our Eliana herringbone Necklace and Penelope Silver Hoops

Go follow her- shares tons of beauty tips, skin care tips and she's a go to for make up inspo

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Jewelry that tell stories

Cherished Reminders

Jewelry holds sentimental value, often serving as gentle reminders de cuando eramos chiquitas, milestones or special moments. We love to hear "my grandma had a pair of hoops just like this" or " I use to have some bangles just like this cuando tenia 15 años". Jewelrly holds stories waiting to be shared.

Pictured: Victoria Bangles


Collectively supporting each other

Community Made

Our jewelry brand, Coqueta Collective- we believe in the power of community and women supporting each other. Our collections are more than just pieces to adorn you with; they're symbols of solidarity and strength. From the beginning, we've fostered a community where every woman is celebrated, encouraged, and uplifted. Join us and let's support one another. We wouldn't exist with out the support of our community.

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